Fjord Tour in Alta

Explore The Beautiful Altafjord

Embark on a fjord cruise in Alta and discover the peaceful beauty of Altafjord. As you sail through its clear waters, enjoy stunning views, spot different animals, and find hidden treasures.

Whether you’re up for excitement or relaxation, this trip offers an amazing adventure in Norway’s beautiful outdoors. Get ready to explore the Arctic scenery of Alta and make unforgettable memories along the way!

Enjoy the best fjord cruise in Alta!

Cruise in Altafjord

fjord cruise alta

Embark on an adventure cruise to explore the captivating Altafjord. The captain shares tales of Alta’s history, from the German warship ‘Tirpitz’ to the Northern Lights Observatory. Discover birdwatching spots and encounter a variety of avian species like storm swallows, seagulls, cormorants, and the majestic sea eagle, with occasional sightings of porpoises!

About this activity

– Cruise the Alta Fjord’s waters.
– Witness local wildlife up close.
– Spot porpoises and learn about the history of Alta!

Free cancellation
– Cancel up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund

– 2-4 hours

Tours provided in
– Norwegian, English

Small group
– Limited to 10 participants

Interesting facts about Altafjord

Tucked away in the Arctic Circle, Altafjord is a remarkable place shaped by ancient ice and time. Created by glaciers long ago, this fjord in Norway’s Finnmark region is a breathtaking mix of tall cliffs, clear water, and rich history. Picture huge glaciers sliding across the land, scraping out deep valleys that later filled with seawater.

Today, it’s like a postcard come to life, with tall mountains, green forests, and snowy peaks adding to its beauty. People have been living around Altafjord for ages, leaving behind cool rock carvings that tell their stories. These carvings, made by ancient folks, give us a peek into what life was like back then. They’re like time capsules!

Altafjord isn’t just pretty; it’s a bustling home for all sorts of wildlife. From birds like eagles and puffins soaring above to playful seals and porpoises swimming below, there’s always something to see. It’s a nature lover’s dream! If you’re up for it, Altafjord offers tons of outdoor fun. You can hop on a boat and cruise the fjord, paddle a kayak, hike along trails, or even try skiing or snowmobiling in winter. There’s never a dull moment!