Dog sledding in Alta

Experience a husky sledtour in Alta!

Dog sledding in Alta is renowned for its thrilling experiences. This traditional Arctic activity has become a popular adventure for visitors in Alta. You can ride with a team of huskies through snowy landscapes, immersing yourself in the stunning beauty of the Norwegian Arctic while feeling the excitement of sled travel.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced adventurer, dog sledding in Alta promises an unforgettable journey!

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Dog Sledding Adventure

dog sledding in alta

Experience the Arctic’s magic from Alta to Gargia, where warm gear awaits for dog sledding. Expert guides teach you to mush huskies through stunning landscapes. After 60 minutes, warm up at Gargia lodge with tales and hot drinks. Join us and our furry friends for an unforgettable adventure!

About this activity

– Meet your new husky friends!
– Discover the history of dog sledding.
– Pick up included.

Free cancellation
– Cancel up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund

– 4 hours

Tours provided in
– Norwegian, English

Small group
– Limited to 8 participants

What does your day look like?

The Arctic dawn breaks with hues of icy blue and lavender painting the vast expanse of snow-covered landscape. The air is crisp, carrying with it a tangible sense of adventure. This is a day in the life of a dog sledder, where each moment is filled with the thrill of the wilderness and the companionship of loyal huskies.

Morning Preparations

The day begins early in Alta, Norway. As the first rays of sunlight peek over the horizon, a team of eager adventurers gathers at the meeting point. Excitement dances in their eyes as they anticipate the adventure ahead. After a brief orientation, it’s time to gear up for the day’s journey.

Transport to Gargia

The journey begins with a scenic drive from Alta to Gargia, a journey of approximately 30 minutes. Along the way, the landscape unfolds like a breathtaking tapestry, with snow-capped mountains standing sentinel over frozen lakes and dense forests.

Dog Sledding Training and Equipment

Arriving at Gargia, the adventurers are greeted by the sight of a lively pack of huskies eagerly awaiting their arrival. But before they can hit the trails, there’s work to be done. Under the guidance of experienced mushers, the adventurers learn the basics of dog sledding – from harnessing the dogs to steering the sled.

Once equipped with the necessary gear – thermal suits, boots, and gloves – they are ready to embark on their Arctic adventure.

On the Trail

With the huskies leading the way, the adventurers set off into the wilderness, the sled gliding effortlessly over the pristine snow. For approximately 50 minutes, they weave through snow-covered forests and open plains, the only sound the soft padding of paws against the snow and the occasional jingle of harnesses.

Coffee & Tea Break

Halfway through the journey, the adventurers pause to rest and refuel. A makeshift camp is set up, complete with a crackling fire and steaming pots of coffee and tea. As they warm their hands by the fire, they swap stories and share in the camaraderie forged by the shared experience of the trail.

Storytelling and History

As they continue their journey, the adventurers are regaled with tales of the history of dog sledding and the role it has played in the Arctic wilderness. From ancient Inuit traditions to modern-day expeditions, they gain a deeper appreciation for the bond between humans and huskies.

Assistance with Dressing/Undressing the Dogs

Back at the camp, the adventurers assist the mushers with dressing and undressing the dogs, ensuring their furry companions are comfortable and cared for. It’s a labor of love, each gesture strengthening the bond between human and husky.

Meet the Huskies

As the day draws to a close, the adventurers bid farewell to their canine companions, knowing that the memories of this day will stay with them long after they’ve returned home. With a final pat on the head and a whispered word of thanks, they promise to return again, eager to embark on another Arctic adventure with their faithful huskies by their side.