Places to stay in Alta

Best Accommodation in Alta

Alta is one of the most popular destinations for a getaway to Norway. It’s known as one of the best places to see the Northern Lights – and it’s also a place where you can find the best food, restaurants, and local entertainment.

There’s the option of traditional hotels and lodges (Trasti & Trine Boutique Hotel or Gargia Lodge), luxury or suite accommodation (Canyon Hotell or Bjørnfjell Mountain Lodge), and camping (Alta River or GLØD Aurora Canvas Dome).

You can choose from hotels, lodges, and nature-based stays. There are also several options if you’re looking for city comforts, including Scandic Alta and Thon Hotel Alta.

We’ve made sure to list only the best accommodation in Alta on our website. All our hotels and lodges have been verified. You can be sure that you’re only getting the best for your budget!

Nyt måltidet (Enjoy your meal!)

Wing Wah House (Chinese)

wing wang house in alta

  • Wing Wah House: Website
  • Address: Markedsgata. 4, 9506 Alta
  • Price Range: Moderate

Wing Wah House brings traditional Chinese cuisine to the table. Go here for style, comfort, and delicious food. You’ll always be glad that you’ve been here, and there’s something for everyone.

The menu has forretter (starters), beef (biff), vegan-friendly meals, sjømat (seafood), and something for the kids. Website in Norwegian, just click on “meny” to see their menu!

Aliatto (Italian & Pizza)

alattio in alta

  • Aliatto: Website
  • Address: Markedsgata 14, 9510 Alta
  • Price Range: High-End

Aliatto “brings Italy to Alta” with traditionally Italian cuisine. Their menu includes pasta and pizza dishes, like the Parma and Calabrese pizza they’re the most famous for. Dishes can be made gluten-free. End the evening with their famed, traditional tiramisu. Also takes reservations. There’s one more treat you can find at Aliatto, and that’s their exclusive chocolate company. Hand-crafted chocolates and truffles made by the best artisans!

Stakeriet (Nordic Cuisine)

stakeriet in Alta

  • Stakeriet: Website
  • Address: Markedsgata 18, 9510 Alta
  • Price Range: Affordable to Moderate

Stakeriet advertises “the best in Nordic cuisine” — and this is where locals go to experience the best of what Alta has to offer. Traditional tapas, Norwegian camembert, beer bread, and more.

Food is presented in a warm and comfortable atmosphere, showcasing the area’s history. Reservations also available.

Aranya (Thai)

Aranya in alta

  • Aranya: Website
  • Address: Markedsgata 21-25, Amfi, 9510 Alta
  • Price Range: Affordable to Moderate

Aranya is famous for the best Thai cuisine, which includes a rich and comforting menu that will make you feel at home no matter where in the world you’re visiting from. This is where you’ll find the best Tom Ka Gai (chicken coconut soup), Pad Ma Ma (noodle stir-fry), and various curries. Vegan-friendly, and with various options for your personal level of spice tolerance.

UNO Cafe (Cafe)

  • UNO: Website
  • Address: Markedsgata 21, 9510 Alta
  • Price Range: Moderate

Where should you go if you feel like buffalo wings or barbecue? UNO Cafe is the answer, where they’ve got everything, you could think of — including salads, vegan-friendly meals, pasta, stews, and omelets. There’s also what they call “Street Food”, or special Loaded Fries that you’re encouraged to give a try. The menu also branches out into cakes and desserts, in case you like ending the evening with something sweet.

Midt City (Coffee & Dessert)

cafes in alta

  • Midt City: Website
  • Address: Markedsgata 21, 9510 Alta
  • Price Range: Affordable to Moderate

Midt City Cafe isn’t a big place, measured by its size or its web presence — but it’s one of the best places to go if you’re looking for the perfect coffee in Alta. Everyone local will point you here at least once! The menu includes every coffee you can think of to mention, including some special local brews that you’ll only find here. The menu also has lovely desserts going with a good coffee. Don’t forget that you heard about it here first!

Alta Bistro (Grill & Pizza)

alta bistro

  • Alta Bistro: Website
  • Address: Alta Bistro Svaneveien 7, 9512 Alta
  • Price Range: Affordable to Moderate

There’s no better choice for a traditional bistro. Vegan-friendly, with the added option of some gluten-free menu options.

Great desserts and beverages, as well as a delicious selection of kebabs, burgers, steaks, and freshly-baked pizza. Guaranteed for a good experience and great meals.

Raus (Traditional American)

raus grill in alta

  • Raus: Website
  • Address: Markedsgata 10, 9510 Alta
  • Price Range: Moderate

Raus adds a “distinctive Norwegian twist to the classic American dining experience”, according to their website. Think salads, steaks, ribs, platters, burgers, sandwiches, and desserts. It’s not purely American, but takes just as much inspiration from the best local ingredients. Reservations are possible, but not necessary to get spot.